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  Chamaecyparis - Blue Boulevard / Size 1
Blue Boulevard Chamaecyparis
Blue Boulevard Chamaecyparis



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Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Boulevard'

Overall Description

This is a wonderful, rarely seen small tree that is by far one of our favorites. It has a very neat pyramidal growth habit with soft, silvery blue foliage that grows in a slightly twisted manner. Takes on a slight purplish tinge in the winter. Can be used for an eye-catching specimen tree, small to medium sized border/screen, or can be grouped together in plantings of 3 or 4. Quickly becoming a very popular choice for home landscapes due to its very delicate, ornamental look. Moderate growth - average moisture, likes some organic content in its soil for best color. Full sun to part shade is acceptable.
Older, more mature specimens will display some browning of interior portions of the tree with age, which can be easily brushed out / removed by hand if it becomes excessive or unsightly. Definitely one of our favorites of all the varieties we grow.....beautiful!!

Plant Facts & Specifications

Mature Height:
8-12 ft
Mature Width:4-6 ft.
Growth rate: Moderate ( 6"-10" avg per yr )
Hardiness Zones:5-9 ( if unsure of your zone, please use zone finder below )
Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade - enjoys a break from any extreme hot midday summer sun if available.
Soil Preference: Moist, fertile, well drained. Slightly acidic. Mulching strongly recommended.
Foliage Color & Texture: Very fine, light feathery texture. Foliage is a brilliant silvery blue, with a green / turquoise undertone. Older inner foliage is browned off / shed annually, and can easily be removed by hand if desired.
Flower, Cone, Or Berry Facts: N/A
Diseases / Insects: Chamaecyparis ( Falsecypress ) is relatively free of serious problems although blight (Phomopsis juniperovora), root rot and other minor insect pests have been noted on rare occasions.

Fertilization / Feeding: Either water soluble ( Miracle Gro, or equivalent ), or granular ( Holly Tone is excellent ). Other granular types with 6-12-12, or 10-10-10 ratio is acceptable. Best to fertilize in early spring, and again in mid fall - avoid feeding during hot summer months, and directly after transplanting.