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We are very happy to offer the Drift Series Roses, as well as the Sunrosa Series of roses to our selection of quality plants we offer here at Evergreen Nursery. All varieties of the Drift roses were developed by Alain Meilland from Meilland International in France - and are the result of years of trials & developmental procedures that have resulted in this wonderful line of low growing, groundcover roses that have all the desirable traits that folks have been longing for in landscape / low growing roses for years. They are prolific bloomers from early spring right thru until frost, very low maintenance, disease & pest resistant, both cold & heat tolerant, and have excellent growth rates.

The Drift Series of roses came shortly after their well known cousin, the Knockout Rose, and have all the same desirable characteristics as the Knockouts - but in a lower growing, compact groundcover type growth habit. They are a hybrid cross between full sized traditional groundcover roses, and miniature roses. Drift Roses basically were developed to take the best, most desirable traits of each parent type.....combining them into one masterful creation that is extremely hardy, undemanding, and producing tone of nice colorful blooms from early spring until frost. They are the perfect choice for lower growing accents around more established, taller plant & trees, foundation plantings, even along slopes & banks. Just about any empty area in your landscape where a shorter height is needed or desired.

The Sunrosa Series Roses are a part of the Suntory Collection of plant introductions introduced by a well-known Japanese breeding program. They come in a variety of colors, with more new color varieties planned for introduction within the next couple of seasons. The Sunrosa Roses differ from the Drift Series in that they are a true dwarf shrub form of rose. Rather than the more open, spreading habit of the drift Series, which makes them a great groundcover choice, the Sunrosa has a much more defined, compact, rounded shrub shape - with little maintenance. These Sunrosa Series Roses show tons of promise, and we fully expect them to be just as popular as the other Rose varieties we grow & offer.

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Apricot Drift Rose Coral Drift Rose Peach Drift Rose Popcorn Drift Rose

Apricot Drift is a low growing, groundcover type rose. Has some of the darkest foliage of all the Drift Roses. Wonderful double blooms in peachy / pink pastel hues

Probably the most vibrant color of all the Drift Series Roses. Bloom color is just outstanding - truly hard to describe. You will NOT be disappointed with this plant!


Very nice, compact branching in a lower growing rose that can be used effectively as anything from a groundcover to a container / patio specimen. Nice soft peach color!

The newest Drift Rose variety - same great traits of the other varieties. Bloom color starts as a bright yellow bud, then opens to creamy yellow, and fades to white with age.

Red Drift Rose Suntory Sunrosa Red Roses Suntory Sunrosa Soft Pink Roses Suntory Sunrosa Yellow Roses
Rose - Red Drift / Size 1
Our Price : $13.95
Rose - Sunrosa Red / Size 1
Our Price : $13.95
SUMMER SALE  : $10.95
You save $3.00!
Rose - Sunrosa Soft Pink Rose / Size 1
Our Price : $13.95
SUMMER SALE  : $9.95
You save $4.00!
Rose - Sunrosa Yellow Rose / Size 1
Our Price : $13.95
SUMMER SALE  : $9.95
You save $4.00!

Bright cherry red blooms produced in clusters all over this low growing, spreading rose shrub. Probably the best groundcover variety of all the Drift Rose varieties.

New dwarf variety of Rose with great color, and disease & pest resistance. Compact size requires little to no maintenance - a great container plant choice!

This variety features same dwarf compact shrub size, but with soft pastel pink blooms - several different hues & shades of pink displayed.

Probably our favorite of the Sunrosa Rose Series thus far. Buds open up to bright vibrant yellow, and fade with age to pastel yellow & cream colors.

Sweet Drift Rose

Very uniform bloom color & size on this Drift Rose variety. Also the most fragrant of them all. Dark foliage provides a great contrasting backdrop for the pastel blooms.