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"In The Works" - New Varieties Coming Soon

This page is something we added a couple years ago - a dedicated page to all of the newest varieties that we have planned for introduction throughout the upcoming year. Please feel free to browse through them all to see if there's something you've been searching for all over the place.......but with no luck. All of the following new intros are all in various stages of the growing process, so they all have their own, different, expected availability estimates. Some are already available, some will be available early in the year, while others may not be ready to go until the latter part of the year. But rest assured, they are all "in the works", lol.

We are always trying to look for new, unique selections that we feel would be a good hardy choice for certain landscape well as throwing a little something "off the wall" into the mix from time to time, for folks who want to add something very unusual or hard to find to their collection. Never know what might be coming next, but they're all worth a look.

Please click on any variety below to go to its own page complete with additional descriptions, specifications, photos, and purchasing options.

Note: We do not ship to California

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Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow' Amelia Rose Azalea / Rhododendron Duchess of Cypress Azalea / Rhododendron Azalea Lemon Lights
Ajuga - Burgundy Glow / Size 1
Our Price : $6.95
SUMMER SALE  : $5.75
You save $1.20!
Azalea - Amelia Rose / Size 1
Our Price : $6.95
SUMMER SALE !! $5.50
You save $1.45!
Azalea - Duchess of Cypress / Size 1
Our Price : $6.99
SUMMER SALE !! $4.99
You save $2.00!

A great perennial groundcover with dark green, purplish / burgundy, and creamy white foliage. Bright blue flowers produced in mid spring, Virtually maintenance free!


A beautiful mid sized Azalea with nice dark green foliage, and producing lavender colored blooms with a hint of pink. Flowers look almost exactly like typical rose flowers!


A very compact slightly upright growth habit, and tons of pink & white variegated pattern flowers are two main features of this brilliant Azalea variety. A prolific bloomer!!

Just one of the Northern Hi Lights Series of cold hardy deciduous Azaleas we offer. Beautiful color display of bright lemon yellow blooms. Outstanding!

Azalea Mandarin Lights Azalea Northern Hi-Lites Azalea Rosy Lights Bio-tone Starter Plus Organic Plant Food / Fertilizer
Azalea - Northern Hi-Lites / Size 1
Our Price : $7.95
Deal of the Day Price: $4.99
You save $2.96!

Another of the Northern Hi Lights Azalea Series of cold hardy, deciduous Azalea shrubs. Provides a blast or fiery orange blooms in spring

One of the Northern Highlights Azalea Series - by far the most unusual, and intriguing color patterns / shading of any azalea we have experienced.

Rosy Lights Azalea is part of the Northern Lights Azalea Series. Deep rosy pink blooms. Makes a great colorful flowering hedge or foundation planting.

Bio-tone Starter Plus has starter cultures of beneficial bacteria, and 7 different species of Mycorrhizae fungi. Great for use with new transplants!

Aspidistra / Cast iron Plant Limerick Chamaecyparis / False Cypress Green Thread Filifera Cypress / Chamaecyparis Clara Daylily / Hemerocallis
Cast Iron Plant ( Aspidistra ) / Size 1
Our Price : $7.95
SUMMER SALE  : $4.99
You save $2.96!
Daylily - Clara / Size 1
Our Price : $5.75

Great groundcover that thrives in part shade to full shade locations. Evergreen - remains dark green year round. Low maintenance plant!


Semi-dwarf, slower growing form of Hinoki Cypress with flat, fern-like yellow foliage. Needs sun for best color. Makes a great accent or container garden specimen.


The standard, traditional Thread Cypress from which all the golden colored variations were developed. Super green foliage with a gentle weeping growth habit.


An uncommon Daylily with huge ( over 5" diameter ) blooms that are a unusual pinkish/melon hue with a golden yellow throat. Very, hardy & good growth rate.

Holy Spirit Daylily / Hemerocallis Siloam Double Classic Daylily / Hemerocallis Firewitch Dianthus / Cheddar Pink Blue Cascade Distylium Hybrid
Daylily - Holy Spirit / Size 1
Our Price : $5.95
You save $1.20!
Daylily - Siloam Double Classic / Size 1
Our Price : $6.95
Deal of the Day Price: $4.99
You save $1.96!

Enormous 6" diameter creamy white to light pastel yellow blooms on top of sturdy scapes Known to be an excellent re-bloomer all season.


Siloam Dbl Classic rpoduces lots of uniquely colored double blooms with peach & pink hues. Probably one of our favorite colored daylilies.


Beautiful flowering groundcover with thick short grasslike foliage. Foliage color is bluish silvery grey, and bloom color is a vibrant hot pink color. Low maintenance choice!


One of the first hybrid Distylium varieties to be introduced. Grows equally as wide as it does tall with mature evergreen foliage that is very dark green with a slight blue cast.

Coppertone Distylium Hybrid Linebacker Distylium Hybrid Spring Frost Distylium Hybrid Dryopteris erythrosora - 'Autumn Fern'
Fern - Autumn / Size 1
Our Price : $9.50
You save $1.21!

Another addition to the growing family of Distylium hybrids being brought into the landscape industry. Moderate size, and awesome colored new foliage - beautiful!


Linebacker has a more upright growth habit, and reaches a taller height than most other Distyliums, making it useful anywhere more height is desired.

Smaller, more dwarf Distylium hybrid that features green foliage with new growth that is a soft white color with slight pink hues as well. Really pretty when mature in spring.

Autumn Fern is a semi-evergreen fern with foliage in shades of orange, yellow, copper, etc & turning green with age. Great for shady spots with cool moist soils.

Daisy Hardy Hybrid Gardenia Carissa Holly Sky Pencil Holly / Ilex Holly tone Organic Plant Food / Fertilizer
Holly - Carissa / Size 1
Our Price : $7.50

Very glossy green foliage, with a dense branching habit. Produces extremely fragrant pure white flowers, and is one of the most cold hardy Gardenia varieties.

Carissa Holly is a very attractive mounded Chinese Holly variety with very deep dark green foliage that is very stiff. rigid, and has a very pronounced sharp spine at the very tip of each leaf. A very nice evergreen shrub for most any landscape.

Very tall, narrow growth habit & low maintenance. Good growth rate, and excellent dark green foliage all year round - makes a great screen or border planting.

An organic plant food / fertilizer that's specifically formulated for evergreens, and any acid loving plant. A tried & true favorite for years!

Golden Pacific Juniper Centerglow Ninebark Summer Wine Ninebark Glen Compact Green Pittosporum

Golden yellow version of the ever popular Blue Pacific that provides a major splash of yellow color anywhere with good sun exposure. Great groundcover!!

Awesome new Ninebark selection with striking foliage colors. Responds very well to trimming, allowing this plant to be used for a wide range of uses.

Probably the darkest burgundy color we've ever seen on a Ninebark variety. Responds very well to trimming, allowing this plant to be used for a wide range of uses.

Super glossy evergreen foliage on a nice compact Pittosporum shrub. One of the most compact ones we have seen. Fragrant small flowers in mid spring. Very nice!

Glen Compact Green Pittosporum Wheeler's Dwarf Pittosporum Suntory Sunrosa Red Roses Suntory Sunrosa Soft Pink Roses
Pittosporum - Glen's Compact Green / Size 2
Our Price : $8.95
You save $1.45!
Rose - Sunrosa Red / Size 1
Our Price : $13.95
SUMMER SALE  : $10.95
You save $3.00!
Rose - Sunrosa Soft Pink Rose / Size 1
Our Price : $13.95
SUMMER SALE  : $9.95
You save $4.00!

Same beautiful Pittosporum variety as our Size 1 Glen's Compact, but a larger, older plant with a larger rootball as well. Average age is at least 3 yrs old for this group.

The most compact, dense form of Pittosporum available. Glossy leaves & fragrant seasonal flowers make this shrub perfect for small accents or containers.

New dwarf variety of Rose with great color, and disease & pest resistance. Compact size requires little to no maintenance - a great container plant choice!

This variety features same dwarf compact shrub size, but with soft pastel pink blooms - several different hues & shades of pink displayed.

Suntory Sunrosa Yellow Roses Spiraea japonica Albiflora Japanese White Spirea Canary Weigela Verweig-3 Minor Black Weigela
Rose - Sunrosa Yellow Rose / Size 1
Our Price : $13.95
SUMMER SALE  : $9.95
You save $4.00!
Weigela - Canary / Size 1
Our Price : $6.50

Probably our favorite of the Sunrosa Rose Series thus far. Buds open up to bright vibrant yellow, and fade with age to pastel yellow & cream colors.

Japanese White Spirea is a much lower, compact growing variety of Spirea that makes a great flowering foreground accent, or container / patio choice.

Unique Weigela variety featuring butter yellow blooms that are trumpet shaped.....typical of most Weigela varieties. Extremely cold hardy flowering shrub!


Minor Black Weigela is an improved, more compact version of the dark purple Weigelas. Excellent cold hardiness, and tons of deep pink blooms. Near black foliage.

Rubidor Olympiade Weigela Rumba Weigela Wings of Fire Weigela Taxus baccata 'Standishii' Golden Columnar Yew
Weigela - Rumba / Size 1
Our Price : $5.50
SUMMER SALE  : $4.29
You save $1.21!
Weigela - Wings of Fire / Size 1
Our Price : $5.95
SUMMER SALE  : $4.49
You save $1.46!

An amazing color display consisting of bright chartreuse / yellow foliage along with mind boggling numbers of bright watermelon red/pink blooms!!


Rumba Weigela has bright green/yellow foliage with purple shaded edges - produces tons of rose pink trumpet shaped flowers that display a yellow throat.


Wings of Fire has brilliant foliage that goes from green to fiery red in fall with burnt orange & burgundy colors mixed in occasionally. Light pinkish lavender blooms.


Very hard to find Yew variety. Has a very upright, narrow growth habit with all new foliage growth being a bright yellow, and slowly darkening throughout the year