Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses is a category that we have decided to add relatively recently as a result of heavy customer feedback & request. We have added a few very nice, useful, and attractive varieties to this new page.......and plan to add several more in the near future. Our goal in selecting varieties of ornamental grasses will be to introduce varieties that are as cold hardy as possible, functional & useful for numerous landscape uses, as well as appealing to the eye.

There are actually a wide variety of uses for many ornamental grass varieties - probably more than most folks would imagine. Anything from groundcover, to mass plantings, to borders and natural barriers, erosion control, or even just to add a touch of natural beauty to landscape areas with rather difficult soil composition. Give some of these ornamental grasses a look, and I think you may just be surprised at just how functional, attractive, and carefree ornamental grasses can be.

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Big Blue Liriope Grass Big Blue Liriope Grass Dwarf Mondo Grass

A quick, no maintenance way to add a natural, carefree touch that can only be achieved with ornamental grasses. Nice splash of color with purple bloom spikes in summer, followed by very dark purplish black berries in winter.


Same nice super hardy Big Blue as our Size 1 plants, just in a larger size. Full, established one gallon container sized clumps. Works great as a border along walkways, or in groups around the base of taller trees & shrubs.


Dwarf Mondo Grass is a shorter, more compact version of the original Mondo and is commonly used as edging or borders along pathways, in rock gardens, and even incorporated into many Bonsai or Asian themed plantings.

Emerald Goddess Liriope Grass Green Mondo Grass Green Mondo Grass
Grass - Emerald Goddess Liriope / Size 2
Our Price : $6.50
Fall Sale! $4.59
You save $1.91!
Grass - Mondo Liriope / Size 1
Our Price : $4.75
Fall Sale! $3.99
You save $0.76!
Grass - Mondo Liriope / Size 2
Our Price : $6.95
Fall Sale! $4.95
You save $2.00!

A specially designed Liriope variety that has increased cold hardiness, growth rate, green color through winter, and superior disease resistance. Endless variety of possible uses - thrives in full sun, or shade. Bulletproof!!


Perennial evergreen grass with fine textured foliage year round. Displays bright lilac colored flowers during summer. Very hardy - will adapt to almost any soil composition, and works great in full sun.....or full shade!!


Green Mondo is a dark green perennial evergreen grass with fine textured foliage year round. Has a large display of lilac colored flower spikes thru summer. Very hardy - will adapt and work great in full sun or shade!!

Variegated Liriope Grass Variegated Liriope Grass Variegated Mondo Grass

Nice Liriope variety with yellow & creamy colored striping throughout the green blade foliage. Produces purple colored flower spikes in summer. Great for edging, foreground plantings, or groundcover.


Larger, more mature size of our Size 1 Variegated Liriope. Great to accent, or add a little color & texture variation, to most any landscape areas. Loves full sun! Use for edging along beds, or bordering walkways.


Variegated Mondo Grass is a perennial evergreen grass with fine textured striped foliage year round. During the summer displays lilac colored flowers. Very hardy - will adapt to most soil types. Works great in full sun or shade!!

White Pampas Grass

A true classic when it comes to ornamental grasses. White feathery panicles atop thick stalks on top of mounds of grass. Nearly 8ft tall at maturity. Established clumps are a beautiful sight when in bloom.