Spirea Shrub Selections

Spirea is a very traditional, time tested species of flowering shrub. With Spirea, you get both very attractive foliage display as well as nice, full vibrant flower heads that last virtually all growing season long. Spirea's uses are numerous.........but they are especially great for colorful accents, mass plantings, and foreground plantings. There are also many varieties of Spirea that work very well for container / patio gardens.

Most Spirea are very cold hardy, and relatively undemanding. Flowering can be enhanced & prolonged through regular trimming / pruning of expired flower heads. Regular light trimmings will also greatly improve plant fullness and overall shape. Most varieties respond very well to trimming, and can be maintained at a wide range of heights & widths as plating locations warrant. Available in a good variety of foliage colors, so there is sure to be a great choice to blend in with most any landscape color scheme.

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Dolchica Spirea Froebelli Spirea Goldmound Spirea Spiraea japonica Albiflora Japanese White Spirea


Dolchica Spirea has sharply serrated leaves that are a nice deep green color - new growth emerges as a beautiful bronze color. The foliage is topped off with dark fuschia pink flowers.

One of the hardiest Spirea varieties we have ever grown. Green foliage with lots of light pink flower heads. Responds well to trimming - can be useful in many areas.

Gorgeous foliage color along with loads of bright pink blooms. Easy to grow, very hardy, and can be trimmed to whatever size you desire. A superb flowering shrub!

Japanese White Spirea is a much lower, compact growing variety of Spirea that makes a great flowering foreground accent, or container / patio choice.

Magic Carpet Spirea Neon Flash Spirea Reeves / Bridalwreath Spirea Shirobana Spirea
Spirea - Reeves / Size 1
Our Price : $6.50

One of our best selling flowering shrubs - period!! Great colors, easy to grow, manageable size which responds very well to trimming if needed. It's perfect!

Good contrast with hot pink blooms against nice green foliage. Has a somewhat "delicate" texture, and makes a good choice for foreground or mass plantings.

Reeves Spirea is a super tough, hardy spirea shrub that is literally covered in masses of white bloom clusters starting in late March through late April. Blooms are lightly fragrant. Virtually indestructible once established in landscape. Responds very well to trimming, allowing Reeves Spirea to be kept at just about any height / width desired.

Very hardy spirea variety that offers multi colored blooms all on one plant. Produces large amounts of white blooms, combined with multiple shades of pink as well.