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Split Rock Chamaecyparis Dwarf Hinoki Cypress
Split Rock Dwarf Hinoki Chamaecyparis

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  Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Split Rock'
 Overall Description
    Split Rock Chamaecyparis is a beautiful, and very interesting variety of Dwarf Hinoki ( obtusa ) Cypress. It is rather slow growing, and is the only Hinoki with a bluish colored foliage at all. Growth habit is rather pyramidal as the plant matures, but often starts out with a slightly more rounded shape when very young. One of the main distinguishing feature of this variety that sets it apart from most other Chamaecyparis is the fact that it actually has two different foliage types on the same plant - with two different foliage colors as well. This plant possesses both flattened sprays of adult type foliage that has a nice green color........along with equal amounts of juvenile foliage which is a very attractive shade of blue / green. The two different foliage types mixed together throughout the entire plant make for a very interesting contrast of color and texture.
  Uses include specimen plantings, also makes a nice colorful accent for semi shaded areas - even makes a great candidate for container gardening too!! This variety has to be one of the most unusual types that we grow. But we only have a few available each season, so they are not always easy to get.
 Plant Facts & Specifications
Mature Height: 4-6 ft
Mature Width:  3 ft.
Growth rate: Slow to moderate ( 6"-8" avg per yr )
Hardiness Zones:  4-8 ( if unsure of your zone, please use zone finder below )
Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade - prefers a break from the hot, midday sun if possible
Soil Preference: Average to slightly sandy - well drained
Foliage Color & Texture: Two different foliage types have completely different colorations, and textures. The adult type foliage is rather scale like, and arranged in flattened sprays........typical of most hinoki chamaecyparis. The juvenile foliage, on the other hand, is more needlelike, very dense, and a definite blue color. The two types combined are truly wonderful.
Flower, Cone, Or Berry Facts: None to mention.
Diseases / Insects: No major problems seen with this variety.
Fertilization / Feeding: Either water soluble ( Miracle Gro, or equivalent ), or granular ( Holly Tone is excellent ). Other granular types with 6-12-12, or 10-10-10 ratio is acceptable. Best to fertilize in early spring, and again in mid fall - avoid feeding during hot summer months, and directly after transplanting.


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