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Holly - Carissa / Size 1
Carissa Holly

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Ilex cornuta 'Carissa'

Carissa Holly is very widely used low to mid level foreground or hedge shrub that is known for its extremely glossy, dark green foliage...........and also for the very pronounced ( and sharp ) terminal spine or needle at the very tip of each & every leaf. Leaves are 2" - 3" long by slightly over 1" wide on the average and, as mentioned extremely glossy dark green on the top sides - dull olive green underneath. Foliage is also very sturdy........almost a plastic or rubbery consistency.

Commonly used as a low growing hedge or foreground planting, and requires no maintenance at all in terms of trimming / pruning to maintain its rounded appearance. At maturity, this variety kinda looks like a pincushion that has been flattened slightly............and can feel like one too with all of the spiny needles at the ends of the leaves.

3 - 4 ft
Spread: 4 - 6 ft
Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate ( 3" - 5" avg per year )
Hardiness Zones: 7 - 9........ Possibly some moderate zone 6 locations if protected in winter

Sun Exposure:
Full sun to part shade
Soil Preference: Tolerates a fairly wide range of soil types - adapts to many different pH levels as well. Mulching recommended

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