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Crape Myrtles are one of our main "specialties" outside of our huge selection of evergreen species. Virtually anywhere you travel in the southeastern U.S., you will more than likely find yourself within a few feet of a Crape Myrtle. They are very durable, fast growing plants that are offered in a staggering variety of sizes & colors. We have selected what we feel are the "cream of the crop" out of the huge number of varieties being offered today. Red, pink, white, purple.......dwarf size to 20 feet tall - we offer you varieties of Crape Myrtle that will fit just about any requirement or need you may have.

We have also tried to make selecting just the right Crape Myrtle for your particular landscape needs as easy as possible by categorizing our Crape Myrtle selections into three different groupings: 1) Dwarf Varieties, 2) Mid-Level Varieties, and 3) Larger, Full-Sized Varieties. To narrow your search, simply click on any of these three categories above to be taken directly to a dedicated page listing of the Crape Myrtle varieties that fit into any one of these groupings. Or you may choose to browse through our complete listing of all the Crape Myrtle varieties we offer, which are listed on this page.

Please click on any variety below to go to its own page complete with additional descriptions, specifications, photos, and purchasing options.

Note: We do not ship to California