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Ordering Now For Later / Delayed Shipment

Many times, there are instances where customers wish to place their order during the winter months for shipment later in the spring. Other times, customers will place their order and need some additional time to prepare the planting area, or will be out of town for a period of time.......and need their order held for shipment at a later time. No problem at all!!! We do this sort of thing all the time, and are more than happy to schedule any given order for a time when it is best for you, the customer.

Although we do ship the majority of our evergreen selections year round, we will gladly hold & reserve your order until whatever shipping time you prefer - just let us know if you would like your order held until a later date. We definitely encourage early ordering, as things can get pretty hectic as the spring ordering rush gets cranked up. We try our very best to have more than adequate inventory on as many varieties as possible, but each spring certain varieties are bound to sell out as the very busy spring planting season arrives. By ordering early, you are able to beat the spring rush, and are guaranteed to receive exactly what you need. The plants are taken directly out of our available inventory, and are pulled & reserved exclusively for your order.

We also have no minimum order - one plant, or one hundred plants - doesn't matter. Orders large or small, we treat them all with the same importance and professional service we feel you deserve.

Unless specified otherwise, we assume that all orders are ready to be received now, and are prepared for shipment at the time they are placed. If you wish to have your order shipment delayed, then we kindly ask that you please follow the guidelines below - and we will take care of everything from there!!

1) Review, and select the plant varieties you wish to order from all varieties that are listed as "In Stock & Currently Shipping", or "In Stock", with an estimated availability time ( for example, In Stock & Available for shipment mid April 2015 ). Unfortunately, we do not pre-sell, or reserve stock from any crops which are listed as "Currently sold out", or "Available at a later date" those items do not have an estimated, or expected, date that we will have additional crops available for shipment yet.

2) Place your order through our easy, convenient checkout process as usual. There will be an Order Notes section provided for you to leave any special delayed shipping instructions, etc.

3) If you wish to have your order shipped at a later, or preferred time, be sure to either send us an e-mail which states your desired shipping time for the order or be sure to provide this information to us in the Order Notes section when placing your order. For example - late March, mid-April, etc.....whatever time frame you feel is best for your area & situation. This step is VERY, VERY important!! If we are not informed of a later desired shipping time, then the order will be prepared for shipment at the current time. So be sure to let us know of your delayed shipping preference, ok?

4) That's it - we will take it from there! We will send you e-mail confirmation as to your desired shipping time, and will be more than happy to adjust your scheduled shipping time in the event there are changes in your planting schedule. Just let us know if things change, the more notice, the better of course - but we will always try & do everything we can to schedule shipment at the most convenient time for you. Obviously, we cannot ship any order which contains items which have later estimated availability times until such a time that those items are ready for shipment.

5) We will always hold order shipment until all items/varieties ordered are available. All orders will be shipped at one time, and as one complete shipment to avoid additional shipping charges that would result from shipping multiple shipments at different times. We will make every effort to ship orders out as close to the requested shipping time that our customers might desire.......but also cannot absorb additional shipping costs involved with shipping partial orders at various times. So, if your order contains items that are not planned to be available for shipment until a certain date/time, then please understand that your order would not be able to be shipped until that item becomes available. The listed estimated availability times are just that - estimates. But these estimates are usually very close & accurate

Another service we offer that may interest some customers is our Stock Notification List. If you find certain varieties that are currently unavailable or sold out, but you are especially interested in purchasing them when they do become available, please feel free to email us at We will be more than happy to put you on the Stock Notification list for each variety that you are interested in. You will then be notified via e-mail the moment the upcoming crop is ready to go for that variety, giving you a great opportunity to purchase whatever you may need from the new crop before they are gone.