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Prior to shipping, your plant(s) are removed from their pots and any loose, unnecessary soil removed. The root base of the plant is then misted down with water and put in a plastic bag. The plastic bag serves to keep the root base nice & moist while keeping the remaining soil with the roots. The bag is then secured with a twist tie around the plant's base and placed in the shipping container/box and sent out for shipment. We use various methods to secure the plant within the shipping box so that it does not move / shift during transit. The result is a plant that arrives to you in excellent condition, and whose root system is protected and in tact, while the rest of the plant is able to "breathe". We have found this method to be much less stressful on the plant than shipping bare root. True, bare root shipping weighs less, and may cost a few pennies less - but we think you will find our shipping costs to be quite reasonable when compared to other nurseries. And bottom line is we want you to have the healthiest plant possible when it arrives at your doorstep. Feel free to contact us regarding any shipping questions - whether regarding rates, methods of packing, or whatever else you may want to know about getting plants from us to you. We will always be more than happy to take the time to answer your questions.


We ship the majority of our evergreen varieties year round, and will be glad to try to accommodate whatever special shipping needs or requests that our customers may have & need. If there are special circumstances involved with your order, please feel free to e-mail us anytime to let us know what would work best for you. We can then work with you to ensure that your order is delivered at the best time for your particular situation or schedule. Obviously, the well being of the plants always comes first, but we will be more than happy to do our very best to arrange shipping & delivery to best suit your needs - just let us know !!!


We have checked out several shipping methods, and have chosen FedEx as our exclusive method of shipment. FedEx has the advantage of nationwide coverage, very reasonable rates, and 7 day delivery ( even weekends ) to help minimize the time plants are in transit. Your shopping cart on our website is automatically equipped with a built-in FedEx shipping cost calculator that will figure your shipping cost for you based on the shipping info you enter, and the items you have placed in your shopping cart. We do the rest. All this is done before your order is submitted. So you can see the all the different shipping options & charges before you actually order. Once again - no surprises. Then just submit your order when satisfied, and we'll take it from there. You will receive an order confirmation e-mail usually with 24 hrs, and a shipping confirmation e-mail once FedEx has picked up your order. Your shipping confirmation e-mail will include a link from which you can track the progress of your package. All tracking information is provided straight from FedEx, and is real time.

Orders are usually packed & shipped in just a matter of a couple days after receiving them. You can almost always expect your order to be shipped out within 3 - 5 business days, with exceptions being during holiday periods ( no FedEx service ), or times of extremely high order volume ( peak ordering, mainly in spring ). We try to ship all orders out in the order that they are received, regardless of the type of FedEx service selected.

Occasionally, there may be severe, or extreme weather conditions that may prevent us from shipping orders out at our normal times, These times are extremely rare, but we really have no control over the type of weather that Mother Nature can dish out. But rest assured, we make every effort to get you order out as quickly as possible, and with the safety & well being of your plants as the highest priority. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at anytime should you have special shipping needs, or requests, and we will be more than happy to do our very best to accommodate whatever would work best for your particular situation.

SHIPPING TRANSIT TIMES - FedEx Ground / Home Delivery

Below is a chart to help you determine the number of days your order would be in transit with FedEx. We generally do most all of our shipping on Mondays thru Wednesdays of each & every week ( excluding Holidays where there is no FedEx service ). We do this to try & ensure that every order gets to its destination by the end of the work week, without "weekending over" with FedEx. We make every effort to minimize the amount of time your order is in transit, and generally try to ship orders with the longest transit times first. Then we follow up with the closer destinations as the shipping week progresses.

Transit times, and shipping times will vary somewhat during peak ordering seasons, and delivery routes in your particular area. FedEx Home Delivery Service offers delivery 7 days a week ( even weekends ) in most all areas of the country. We have found that FedEx Ground / Home Delivery Service is by far the most popular, and most economical.

SHIPPING TRANSIT TIMES - FedEx Ground / Home Delivery