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Daylily - Siloam Double Classic / Size 1
Siloam Double Classic Daylily / Hemerocallis

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*Availability Status: Winter dormancy - Available at a later date
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Hemerocallis 'Siloam Double Classic'

Overall Description

Siloam Double Classic Daylily is, as the name suggests, a double blooming daylily. The color of this variety is absolutely stunning - soft peaches & pinks all mixed & swirled together gives an almost coral colored overall appearance that is virtually unmatched in any other daylily variety that we've seen. Blooms average about 5" in diameter, and begin to appear in mid season. The peak blooming time of this variety does last a bit longer than some other typical daylilies................but Siloam Dbl Classic is not known to be much of a re-bloomer at all. You might get lucky and see a few additional blooms here & there if you stay on top of the removal of old expired scapes as soon as they're done blooming.

Foliage is completely dormant in all climates during the winter months. We actually suggest trimming, or "mowing" the foliage back to a height of about 3 or 4 inches at the end of the fall season. This way, the foliage can have a fresh, new start when spring rolls around, and will look its absolute best all season long. Very low maintenance - easy to grow. Siloam Dbl Classic has extremely bright, vivid colors held against grasslike foliage that is a nice dark green.

Plant Facts & Specifications

--Mature Height : foliage up to 12" - 14"

--Mature Width : 18" - 20"

--Growth Rate :
Moderate to fast - goes dormant in winter in all zones

--Hardiness Zones :
4 - 10

--Sun Exposure :
Full sun to partial shade - prefers 4 - 6 hrs of sun per day

--Soil Preference :
Average to slightly sandy - well drained with good organic content

--Foliage Color & Texture :
Bright green grass-like foliage much like that of Liriope grass - has slightly darker foliage than most of the other daylily varieties we offer. Blades are very wide, and fan shaped at the very base of the plant. This daylily will go completely dormant in colder zones.

--Flower, Cone, Or Berry Facts :
Very beautiful, and unusual double blooms are a unique hue of peaches & light pink tones.........almost giving a coral colored overall appearance. Blooms each last for only one day, but are followed with additional daily blooms throughout the summer months.

--Diseases / Insects :
No serious damage from pests have been noted, although occasional battles with common garden pests ( aphids, snails, slugs, etc ) are always a possibility.

--Recommended Spacing :
20" - 24" apart for most border type plantings

--Deer Resistance Rating :
Lowest Resistance [ 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 ] Highest Resistance

--Fertilization / Feeding :
For maximum health & hardiness, we highly recommend a good grade granular ( preferably organic ) fertilizer / plant food for use with all of our plant species. We personally use, and recommend the Espoma line of organic plant foods, as they are super effective yet gentle enough to use on even the most delicate of evergreen species where fertilizer burn would normally be a major concern. However, a water soluble type plant food (Miracle Gro, or equivalent ) are also acceptable options. Other granular fertilizers with a 6 - 12 - 12, or 10 - 10 - 10 ratio can also be used - but we suggest using them at 1/2 - 3/4 strength to avoid any chemical burn issues to the root system of the plants. Best to fertilize in early spring, and again in mid fall - avoid feeding standard chemical fertilizers during hot summer months, and directly after transplanting. The Espoma Organic Plant Foods may be used at anytime.

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