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Soil Moist water retaining product 8 oz

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A water-storing polymer product that saves water, time and money.

As our most precious resource, our planet Earth, becomes more & more populated, the strain put on her natural resources becomes greater with each year. One of those natural resources is water. Did you know that the use of water for sustaining agriculture & landscape plantings accounts for over 1/3 of the entire water consumption in the entire United States? With the worldwide population increasing at an alarming pace, we need to do everything we can to concentrate our efforts to try and find new innovative ways to conserve & help save as much of our planet's precious natural resources - especially water - for our future generations.

Soil Moist stores water and releases it as plants need it.

Soil Moist has been developed to reduce the amount of water needed to maintain vigorous plants. When mixed in the soil and water added, these amazing crystals will soften and absorb up to 200 times their weight in water! As the potting soil dries, the polymer will release its water to the plant. The expansion and retraction of the polymer during the watering cycle helps soil aeration for healthy, vibrant plants.

Soil Moist granules will not only store water away, but will also lock away the nutrients that you mix into the water - which means less fertilizing & feeding, and less waste & runoff of chemical based fertilizers / plant foods.

Soil Moist is an extremely helpful product that will greatly aid in your soil's ability to effectively store water for newly transplanted trees, shrubs, grasses, and even houseplants to be used at anytime the plant might find itself in need of additional moisture - extra hydration during times of stress, for rapid root growth during transplant transition, drought, etc.

Benefits experienced through the use of Soil Moist include:

1) It is an effective water management aid that is ideal for interior and exterior plantings such as for trees, shrubs, containers, baskets, flower beds, vegetables and turf.

2) Soil Moist acts as a form of insurance for the plant and is environmentally friendly.

3) Soil Moist polymers reduce your plant waterings by 50%, reduce transplant shock and soil compaction, and is effective in the soil for 3-5 years.

Soil Moist Water Saving Granules
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