Arborvitae - Threadleaf / Size 2
Threadleaf Arborvitae/Thuja

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Thuja Orientalis 'Filiformis'

Overall Description

Threadleaf Arborvitae has medium green, lacy, evergreen foliage which bronzes just slightly in winter weather. It has an oval, upright growth habit with foliage that grows in whiplike strands. With maturity, takes on a very mounding, pendulous appearance. Overall plant density is greatly enhanced through a couple regular trimmings while the plant is young ( first 2 - 3 yrs of age ) Most commonly used as a hedge spaced 4 feet apart - but is also a real attention getter when planted in small groups, or as single specimen plantings.

Very unusual, and attractive plant. If you are a big fan of the pendulous "weeping" look, then this is one arborvitae that you should definitely take a closer look at. Begins to take on the looks of a bright green "haystack" with maturity - different, yet very attractive!

Plant Facts & Specifications

--Mature Height: 10 - 12 ft

--Mature Width: 5 - 7 ft.

--Growth Rate:
Moderate ( 6" - 10" avg per yr )

--Hardiness Zones
4 - 9 ( if unsure of your zone, please use zone finder below )

--Sun Exposure:
Full sun to partial shade

--Soil Preference:
Average to slightly sandy, fertile - well drained

--Foliage Color & Texture:
Good medium green color - best color during the growing season. Foliage grows in rather sturdy, thick, threadlike strands. Overall plant density is greatly enhanced through a few regular trimmings when the plant is young.

--Flower, Cone, Or Berry Facts:
None to speak of.

--Diseases / Insects:One of the few Thuja varieties that truly appears to have very little to worry about in the way of pests & diseases. Can never rule out an occasional bagworm or two though - especially on older, mature specimens with greater foliage density.

--Fertilization / Feeding:
For maximum health & hardiness, we highly recommend a good grade granular ( preferably organic ) fertilizer / plant food for use with all of our plant species. We personally use, and recommend the Espoma line of organic plant foods, as they are super effective yet gentle enough to use on even the most delicate of evergreen species where fertilizer burn would normally be a major concern. However, a water soluble type plant food (Miracle Gro, or equivalent ) are also acceptable options. Other granular fertilizers with a 6 - 12 - 12, or 10 - 10 - 10 ratio can also be used - but we suggest using them at 1/2 - 3/4 strength to avoid any chemical burn issues to the root system of the plants. Best to fertilize in early spring, and again in mid fall - avoid feeding standard chemical fertilizers during hot summer months, and directly after transplanting. The Espoma Organic Plant Foods may be used at anytime.

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