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Crape Myrtle - Tuscarora / Size 2
Tuscarora Crape Myrtle

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*Average Plant Shipping Size: 22" - 28" tall

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Lagerstromia indica 'Tuscarora'

This is a slightly larger, older size of our Size 1 Tuscarora - usually a full season older, with a thicker trunk / branching caliper thickness. Other than the age / plant size difference, this is the same beautiful Tuscarora Crape Myrtle variety as our Size 1 plant we offer.

Tuscarora is usually not quite as large at maturity as many other crape myrtles, but still definitely a tree form Crape Myrtle. Has impressive dark coral/pink flowers. In the fall the foliage turns a nice red-orange. Like just about all Crape Myrtles, has excellent growth rate.

Probably one of the most widely used full sized Crape Myrtle in landscapes over the past 20 years, and for good reason. Very impressive when in full bloom!!

15 - 20 ft
Spread: 5 - 8 ft
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
Hardiness Zones: 7 - 10
Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial light shade
Soil Preference: Average to slightly moist & fertile - well drained

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