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Weigela Flowering Shrub Selections

Weigela is an old traditional favorite when it comes to flowering shrubs that are relatively carefree, undemanding, and fast growing. There is not much that you can throw at this flowering species that it can't handle......or at least adapt to, lol. I have seen these shrubs taken right to the ground - sometimes by accidental mowing, etc - other times on purpose. Within a few weeks, they were not only back & going strong, but in some cases, even thicker and more robust than before!!

Through different selective breeding & propagation practices, there have been many recent improvements & new varieties developed and introduced. These newer varieties have helped to sort of "revive" the popularity of Weigela in the past several years. Sort of like re-discovering that old antique phonograph in the attic, lol. The old traditional varieties are still around - just with some slight improvements!! So, if you're looking for something that grows fast, produces lots of flowers, and does all of this without much of anything demanded of you............then you really need to give these Weigela varieties a look.

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Canary Weigela Carnaval / Courtalor Weigela French Lace Weigela
Weigela - Canary / Size 1
Our Price : $6.95

Unique Weigela variety featuring butter yellow blooms that are trumpet shaped.....typical of most Weigela varieties. Blooms in mid spring lasting well into mid summer. Extremely cold hardy flowering shrub!


This wonderful variety of Weigela florida ( Old Fashioned Weigela ) has a killer combination of foliage AND blooms. Carnaval's numerous flowers are funnel shaped in shades of white, pink & red from late spring to mid summer.


French Lace Weigela is a variegated form of Weigela with bright green leaves & yellow variegation throughout. Good growth rate and tons of dark hot pink flowers all through spring & summer. Great choice for color and hardiness.

Java Red Weigela Lucifer Weigela Verweig-3 Minor Black Weigela

Java Red Weigela is a time tested variety with dark green foliage tinted with burgundy, and bright trumpet shaped flowers ranging in color from bright red to a dark pink/red. Very hardy semi-dwarf flowering shrub!!


Lucifer Weigela is one of the best red Weigela varieties available today. Very large dark green foliage, fast growth rate, and strong hardiness & vigor make this variety a great choice for lots of different landscape applications.


Minor Black Weigela is an improved, more compact version of the dark purple Weigelas. Excellent cold hardiness, and tons of deep pink blooms. Near black foliage in areas with good sun exposure.

Minuet Weigela Pink Poppet Weigela Polka Weigela
Weigela - Minuet / Size 1
Our Price : $6.75
Weigela - Polka / Size 1
Our Price : $6.25

Minuet is a very hardy dwarf variety of Weigela that requires very little maintenance. Has extremely dark pink blooms and a nice compact growth habit when mature. Grows slower than most Weigela, but packs a punch!


Pink Poppet is a dense, spreading, rounded shrub with solid medium green foliage . Flowers are trumpet shaped, pastel pink in color. A hardy, traditional flowering shrub favorite - beautiful & easy to grow!!


Polka is extremely hardy with probably the darkest green foliage of any Weigela variety we have seen - provides a great backdrop for the pastel pink & white flower blooms that this variety produces in abundance every year!

Rubidor Olympiade Weigela Rumba Weigela Tango Weigela
Weigela - Rumba / Size 1
Our Price : $5.50
Weigela - Tango / Size 1
Our Price : $5.95

An amazing color display consisting of bright chartreuse / yellow foliage along with mind boggling numbers of bright watermelon red/pink blooms!! One of the nicest Weigela varieties we have ever grown.


Rumba has bright green foliage with a distinct purplish cast to it.....especially around the edges. Produces tons of rose pink trumpet shaped flowers in mid spring thru summer. Great small to medium sized flowering shrub.


A dense, rounded shrub with burgundy foliage with a hint of green base color to it. Flowers are trumpet shaped, dark pink in color. Every bit as nice as Wine & Roses Weigela, and with slightly better foliage density.

Wings of Fire Weigela

Wings of Fire has brilliant foliage that goes from green to fiery red in fall with burnt orange & burgundy colors mixed in occasionally. Light pinkish lavender blooms that are trumpet shaped, and typical of most Weigela varieties.